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15 July, 2019

Welcome to Kurashirudo!!

I started this product range and brand in November 2018. I witnessed how a small stone was able to puncture a bike radiator leading to a coolant leak, resulting in overheating, and if not for my friend’s timely action, engine seizure.


Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere and you are holding a punctured radiator in your hand…. all due to a godforsaken tiny stone. Gulp!!

Even otherwise, a constant barrage of hits can dent radiator fins, leading to diminished cooling efficiency and on the long run reduced engine life(The engine struggles to run at optimum temperature).

Enlightenment lesson: A bike’s radiator is a delicate piece of equipment. This incident inspired me to make a product to enable bikers to protect their radiators.

Now think of a radiator’s position in life..

It is fit 1-2 feet from the ground, subjected to wind speeds upto 250 kmph(depending on bike), It is constantly sprayed with water, muck, road salt and grime from the tire and is in direct line of sight to all stones, twigs, insects and other projectiles. Now that qualifies for “being in the line of fire”

Fortunately, many brands exist which boast of making radiator “guards”, “grills”, “covers”, “shields”, “trim” and a whole lot of other nouns.
What the poor biker needs is a simple and strong barrier between the elements and his delicate finned radiator.

I put on my thinking cap!!!

I needed a strong material to resist impact but more importantly it should not impede airflow. After research, testing and many headbangings later, the hexagon was the arrived at as the optimum shape for the opposing requirements of airflow, strength and weight. All this needs to be at a price that an everyday enthusiast biker can buy, not just valentino rossi.

The first prototype was put on my friend’s bike, a 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 650R.


a.Fit:OK, No rattles or vibes Check
b.Airflow:Kick Ass!! No change in Fan switch-on intervals Check
c.Strength:Stainless Steel, So much stronger than Aluminum with only a small weight downside. Check
d.Price: It was free to my buddy. But I discovered a way to reduce manufacturing cost working with Stainless Steel which was “Alchemy”Super Check

Ladies and Gentlemen!!


I present to you, the next generation of affordable radiator guards.
Elegant, Strong, Airy and above all, Non-Pocket hole burn certified.